photo credit: peter downs

                                             Hane Lee 

                                              like Jane with an H 


 I don't know my way about— 

 between tech and music and books 

 Master's student and Research Assistant 

 MIT Media Lab, Opera of the Future 

 B.S. in Electrical Engineering, minor in Music 

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

 amateur pianist 


 classical music 


I spend most of my time thinking, reading, writing, playing, and making. Some recent thoughts include:

The Absurd: Camus, Satie, Stockhausen, Dali, Bunuel, Marinetti.

Subjectivity: Wittgenstein, perception, music/art, probability, statistics.

Freedom: as a feeling, as removal of oppression. Ethical individualism.

Algorithmic discrimination, responsibilities.

My preferred method of digital communication is email:

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