"The sense of freedom… entails not simply the absence of frustration but the absence of obstacles to possible choices and activities—absence of obstructions on roads along which a man can decide to walk."

Isaiah Berlin


While freedom is an integral part of modern American citizenship and culture, it is always studied as an objective measure.

Freedom Simulator will explore freedom as a subjective sensation. I will build a set of three experiences that aim to induce a feeling of freedom. Each experience will be based on a modern concept of freedom and utilize various techniques such as spatial audio, motion tracking, and real-time video projection. These experiences will try to question the importance of freedom in our everyday lives and emotions.

Experience I: The user will be placed in a two-channel soundscape that is correlated to the user’s motion. The more they move, the boundaries of the soundscape will expand to span a larger perceived space.

Experience II: The user will be given a private space with one-way visibility. They will be able to view and listen; they will not be seen or heard.

Experience III: Users will be asked to record their secret anonymously and perform a designated gesture to “leave” it at a physical location. These recordings can be heard in clarity in two channels when the location is revisited. From afar, the recordings will be heard as an aggregate murmur until one of them is approached.

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